ji'nan Xia Yu bearing Solar Energy Ltd, Jinan city high tech Development Zone is located in Shandong Province, the Daming Lake, is a company engaged in R&D, manufacturing andsales of solar energy and wind energy application products company, professional design personnel, conversion of solar energy photovoltaic module design, control circuit design, waterheater and electric water heater body accessories design and model design of the electric heating tube; currently has: solar photovoltaic electric water heater system, as well as grasslandIsland photovoltaic and wind energy system, water heater and electric water heater and the equivalent system of clean energy and energy saving products. In Zhongshan, Guangdongthere are three joint ventures and cooperative production plants, and the annual production capacity can reach 3 million sets.

The company adhering to innovation, innovation, innovation, rigorous, details, details, details, and extensive careers, willing to participate in a number of clean energy applications as adirect application of a person of noble aspirations, develop photovoltaic and wind energy in domestic water heater are used to make their own contribution. The company focuses on the current solar photovoltaic module and wind power generator as a mature clean energy means, but completely get rid of the photovoltaic power and windpower must pass method of storage, conversion or inverter can be used, but will be issued by PV and wind power machine power, without any storage (of the wind power generation andinverter only simple three-phase rectifier), and directly used for electric water heater conversion, eventually with hot water in the form of storage of solar and wind up( water storage), inorder to improve the utilization efficiency of solar energy and wind energy. It is a brand new ( and can not be ignored) the promotion and application of photovoltaic components and windturbines